Shiho Nage after tea


I am back on track with Shiho Nage. I like to be happy of the teaching I have received; I feel I have had my full of teaching. Some complain that the teaching passed on to my generation by former teachers has weakened. They feel we do not have the magic of our elders, we lack of the efficiency of our formidable predecessors. To these criticism, I answer by practising. I am back on track with Shiho Nage.

Yesterday, I did Shiho Nage, morning and afternoon. Today, same program. Next week too. What can be said of Shiho Nage to those who are not practising? That they are 3 main ways of doing it:

  • Horizontal-vertical cut
  • Thrust forward and back
  • 1 diagonal cut


On the photographs above, Noro Masamichi sensei does his 60’s manner and it quite different from what he did later. I do believe he would do it differently today. He used to say:

I practise because I do not understand. If I did understand Aikido, I would not need to practise it any more .

Aikido is a Way, tao, which means it is a constantly moving manner. Dogen said that practise and understanding are one. I understand that if one stops practising, one stops understanding.

One cannot sit down by the riverside and say “I understand river deep.”

This is why I will practise in 5mn, once I have finished this article after some tea. Back to Shiho Nage!


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