Choice and duty

What we choose to study is what we pass on to the next generation. What we choose not to study is what we will not pass on.

What we study is what the generation before us chose to study. What they did not study was not passed on to us.

What we study is the sum of the choices made by former generations. What we do not study is what former generations rejected.

It is easy to say I prefer and I reject. This way, we go by our sole purpose and we weaken the help we provide to next generations.

One reason why I study martial arts and why I push on the teachings of Ueshiba Morihei sensei and Noro Masamichi sensei, is that I have a strong sense of my duty toward former and next generations.

I recognise that wars, I know of the Vietnam War, compromise the survival of books, libraries and readers. They also compromise the survival of katas, techniques, dojos and senseis.

I study and I pass on the teachings I have studied and deepened in the dojos of Noro Masamichi sensei in Aikido and of Iwami Toshio soke in Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu kenjutsu.

If you wish, we may join our efforts for our own generation and the next. In this way, we answer to the study of our predecessors.


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