Workshop program 2016/12/11

ringenkai_aikido_tab1 6 kata: Openings kata. Level 1

ringenkai_aikido_tab225 kata: Stirring kata. Level 2

ringenkai_aikido_tab433 Kata: Mother and father kata. Level 3

These teachings are the basics of Ringenkai Aikido. As such, they lay out all the principles and the road to the full study of the art. They are to be done in the space between stillness and movement.


Ringenkai Aikido workshop Dec. 11th

3-011Uke no kata, Nguyen Thanh Thien. Photography by Bruno de Hogues © 2006

Date : December 11th, 2016
Schedule : 15.30pm-19.30pm
Location : COSEC 29 rue des 2 piliers
95350 Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt, France
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