Brothers in arms

Noro Masamichi sensei and Tamura Nobuyoshi sensei were great friends. “When one was there, the other was there too”, used to recall Noro sensei. “We were like brothers.” Tamura sensei entered Ueshiba Morihei’s dojo first. When Noro Masamichi became student of Ueshiba sensei, it was Tamura Nobuyoshi who was the close student, the one to receive the techniques of his master. After some time, Noro sensei was chosen to him. In time, this was to become  crucial to the developpement of each other’s art. Noro sensei taught what he knew of Ueshiba sensei, the first hand experience, the Uke role and Tamura sensei started his teaching with Tori’s role, which in the art of Noro sensei is the second step.

Here, Noro sensei is Uke to Tamura sensei as Tamura sensei was his senior, his sempai. As Noro sensei said: “Tamura sensei is excellent at sword.” He also added: “The staff is what Ueshiba sensei told me to practice.”


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