The edge of the spirit, March 9th

portraitNTTPhotography by Suzuki Nagisa © 2017

To further the understanding of Musashi’s sword, I am doing a series of conferences on “Musashi’s sword, inner peace and civil peace”:

  • 12/01 Japanese sword, inner peace and civil peace, an introduction
  • 09/02 Researching through the body
  • 09/03 The edge of the spirit
  • 30/03 The sword, ourself and others
  • 11/05 The master as a mirror
  • 08/06 The student as a condition

My Aikido students welcomed the teaching and studied thouroughly, becoming the first Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu students in France. Aikido studentss may find interest in learning more aout Musashi. Musashi’s spirit is different from Ueshi Morihei sensei. Yet these 2 paths contribute to a better understanding of what a beautiful human being is, or what being  a beautiful Human means.

I put into my own words (in French) what I have learnt with my body and mind when I was in the dojo with my masters. It is a pleasure to share a teaching with good friends. Be most welcome.


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