A land of striking beauty

laquetPhotography by Nguyen Thanh Thien © 2002

When I was in Noro Masamichi sensei’s dojo, I use to study intensely then go home and start again. I don’t give up until I have understood. Through this attitude, I came to see things that I could not share for Aikido is a tao, a do in Japanese. We have to move along the road constantly, each step unveiling a new scenery. To those who are not on this road, to those who are not at this point along the road, to those who do not know this road exists, the scenery I set my eyes upon can not be explained. For many years, I just walked this road, penetrated by the beauty of the landscape. I did feel a brotherhood with the feeling of beauty in the Navajo texts when they speak of the beauty of their land. Aikido is such a land of striking beauty.

Sometimes, I happen to stumble on a small pond which reflects an immense summer sky on a thin layer of water. Some movements done in Aiki way reflect the entire mastery of the senseis gone before us.

I created the Ringenkai school of Aikido to keep the trail opened by these visions. This is how I came share. Noro sensei created his school in the same mind. He wished to share the visions he had of the art of Ueshiba Morihei sensei, from where he stood, from the Otomo (Serving Disciple) point of view. The teacher opens a school to keep open his trail. This is the example I follow.


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