In the middle flows a river

table verre002In company of Omar Khayam. Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thien © 2016

When looking at the wine glass, I gaze at the tablecloth. When looking at a mountain afar, I wonder at the space in between. On a Chinese scroll, the landscape between the mountain and me is filled by a cloud or some mist. When uncovering a Japanese woodblock print, I have to cross a river or a lake to reach the mountain. When I bow to my partner, I have to inhabit the space between us. This is a teaching I understood when visiting a Japanese garden in company of the gardener. “Void must flow among the bushes, the twigs, the branches. Void flows and should not be stopped.”

We have to enter this river when doing Ikkyo or Shiho Nage. This was shown by my master. I felt it. I learnt it.

Now I study and share it with my students, in the most simple manner, through keiko, by the means of Ikkyo or Shiho Nage.


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