Conducting energy

2017.03.15.013.WebThe way a city is built orientates the energy of its people. The way a teaching is conceived orientates the energy of its students. Notre-Dame de Paris from the Pont de la Tourelle, France. Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thien © 2017

One day I asked a Maître d’Armes, a traditional fencing master, my friend Ricard, a question. He went silent for a moment then answered: “We do not like answering questions about our art. We are not so proud of it as it is an art of killing.”

One day, Noro Masamichi sensei told his old friend and an Aikido sensei: “What you do is disgusting.”

I was listening to a radio program. The speaker was saying that one deprives only animals from their freedom. This should not to be applied to Humans.

As a martial artist, I have to reflect on the orientation of my efforts. As the founder of Ringenkai Aikido, I have to set this path in the correct direction and this manner in a humane perspective.

This is a teaching passed down by the masters. I have heard it. I have witnessed it. It is now to me to care for what my students study and where it brings us.


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