In the end

2017.03.15.006.WebTeenager by the Quai de la Tournelle, Paris, France. Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thiên © 2017

We have to choose, to go our way, take the road that will become ours. Whatever the direction, we have to stand up to our expectations. Never worry about where the crowd goes so long as we stay in good company. Ringenkai Aikido is about choice making, energy directing. It is not enough to burn energy, to move fast and strong, to achieve a goal. One must see and choose the good direction and the good friends. The direction is what brings the fruit of an action to the best benefit of the next move, when each step builds the strength of all, in the end and to the end.

I named my school the Eye of the Wheel because one has to see way ahead, beyond the teaching. It is the eye that secures the end.


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