Down by

2017.03.15.008.WebThe Seine River by the Pont de l’Archevêché looking eastward, Paris, France. Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thiên © 2017

One thing that I learnt from Noro Masamichi sensei and that I keep in the heart of my practice is the energy, ki, which is breath and flow, maturing force and constant movement. In what comes down from Ueshiba Morihei sensei through the scope of my master, I see a river, an element always seeking its destination, even at its quietest, ever adapting yet never giving up its own law, running, crawling, bursting to the deepest end.

In our movements, we are inspired by water. We start as solid ice, we move to dripping water, then we come to evaporation as we reach mastery. I experienced it directly in the hands of Noro sensei. There is on origin, the student. There is a destination, the master. There is a way, the well directed practise. There is a standing point, today in the dojo. This is the water’s law, as I understand it, coming down from the masters of old.

In this picture, the Seine River flows through Paris. Mighty energy through the city of men, it flows beyond without inflicting harm, yet true to its self, a few times in a century reminding us of its might.

This is how I remember Noro sensei’s ki, this is how I like to practise in memory of him.


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