Flowing, constant, benevolent

DSC_57699.WebNguyen Thanh Thien teaching kenjutsu class. Photography by Suzuki Nagisa © 2017

Energy is a constant flow. I live it in the moment. Outside the moment, it is a recollection, a memory, a mind’s reconstruction. It comes and goes within the body, moves inside the mind, connects with the counterpart.

I have witnessed it in my masters eyes, in their hands, in their swords. Before meeting these masters, I never talked about energy. The word was too much on the fantasy side. To me, it did not seem to touch ground.

What I saw and what I felt with my masters was constant attention, ever flowing concern, full concentration. It did not vary when expressed. When walking on the streets, they were simple old men strolling down to the shopping mall. When in the dojo, their eyes spoke of dragons and tigers. They were saying: “More! Move forward! To the center!” or “Ground yourself! Open to the other one’s sword! Don’t stray from your counterpart’s path!”

What they gave me has to live within me. I study kenjutsu, transmitted from Musashi sensei to my master, Iwami soke. I study Aikido transmitted from Ueshiba Morihei sensei through Noro Masamichi sensei.

What I study is their energy, ever flowing, constant, benevolent.


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