Even thin air

When one studies, one must not be disturbed by comments, criticism, misunderstanding. One walks the path of the masters of old, the forgotten lane which goes unoticed, that road among the heath which was given to the next generation with hope and trust.

I like to do Aïkido as a study of the example of my masters. I focus on what was, which was set as an example to reproduce, not only in a formal way but as a commitment to put ahead one’s heart, one’s earnestness, one’s trust in the improvement to come. Many try to find a better way of studying, a faster means to efficiency, a proficient drill to satisfy oneself. I like to set my efforts in the footprints of my master, confident that he gave me what would be of the greatest help to me.

Ringenkaï means in Japanese the eye of the wheel. One way of understanding this choice is to hear the whisper telling us that the more we move ahead, the more we see what was laid down for us way behind, waiting for our ability to reach the understanding of our masters. As I move smoothly on the mat, in a manner not to harm even the thin air around me, I come closer to my masters and they in turn come closer to me.


The like when there is an alike opens to a link

Voigtlander-Vitomatic-II.Web.051When there is a liking, there is a linking. Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thien © 2017

Last week-end, we went through many techniques, got to the principles which organise movements with a logical access. We explored Jo extensions of technique. I stressed the importance of strong stances and how it allows the upper body to concentrate on its most vital function, breathing.

We shared understanding of how Ikkyo, Nikyo and Sankyo are one within different distances, how Shiho Nage bears Kote Gaeshi and how Kote Gaeshi delivers Irimi Nage. In the approach which is mine, learning One opens to Two and Two leads to Three. The like when there is an alike opens to a link. I like to see this manner of studying as searching for a path. There is a link between the elements of our study. It is as important to look out for the elements as it is to walk the path from one to his neighbour.

Within each elements there is a liking for the follower, an invitation for each of us to the next step, an urge to move ahead. This linking sews Aihanmi to Men Uchi, Katate Dori to Yokomen.

Eyes wide open

contax.167MT.Web.024Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thien © 2017

Practising is opening the eye of the body. Shiho Nage or Ikkyo are movements, steps, journeys along a road, a way, a manner. In the manner of our masters, we put our steps in their own steps, unveiling new landscapes. This is how I understand that Aikido techniques lead to a vision of Aiki.

Lets journey eyes wide open, with the eyes of our body. Lets journey within our body, within the link to our counterpart, within the dojo.