On the move

2017.03.15.005.WebAt one time, a teaching has to get on the move. Quai des Grands Augustins from the Place Saint-Michel, Paris, France. Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thien © 2017

I will be teaching in Brunssum at John Luijten’s dojo, Netherlands, this coming Saturday and Sunday.

It is an unusual thing for me to do. These last years, I have chosen to stay in my dojo(s) at home and study. This as enabled me to dig deeper in the teaching of my masters.

In the past, I have been to workshops here and there, in France, in Japan, sometimes in neighbour countries. Each time, I rushed back home to study what had been learnt and shared.

John invited me a few years ago, maybe in 2007. I came each year to his dojo but at one time I needed to concentrate on deepening the understanding, my understanding of the movements and the structures of Aikido. Yet, I had spent great time in his dojo with his students, children and adults. Time to unfold what I had grasped. Time to meet their enthusiasm and eagerness to walk the Aiki Way.

Saturday, I will be opening paths to the 6 manners (structural work), Tori and Uke no kata (inner movements), 1st and 2nd forms (binding of structure and movements). Sunday, we will go into Taïso as essential teaching, Jo and Bokken in the Aiki forms as taught by Noro Masamichi senseï  and his free work preparing for Taninzu Dori.

This program is quite extensive so please have a good night’s rest before. 😉

Very happy to be back among you.

Feel free to attend next workshop at John Luijten’s dojo in Brunssum. I will teach there once a year, should we share the road together.


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