Practicising amidst the mountains

20170715_092458Pineta Canyon, Alta Aragon, Spain. Photography by Siegfried L. © 2017

Next year, we will do the first Rignekai Aikido Yama Keiko, yama keiko meaning mountain training. Martial arts elevate our mind while it sharpens our body. I cultivate the same spirit when I look onto the peaks and search my way up. I feel I answer the expectations of my master as I set my foot in the steps of former wanderers, as I cross the border into lands beyond, welcoming at the edge of the pass a new view.

Rignenkai means the vision of the wheel, the sight at the origin of a teaching. Exercising myself through the mouvements given to us by my master is like questionning his sight again and again, seeing through his eyes his own master exercising himself. When I do Ikkyo or Shiho Nage, I see Noro Masamichi sensei looking onto Ueshiba Morihei sensei himself. The effort is one that opens to a sight as when I walk up the mountains.

Next year, lets meet for the 1rst Ringenkai Aikido Yama Keiko.




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