Nguyen Thanh Thien sensei’s other martial art

Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu France Miyamoto Musashi’s sword school, the leader in France is Nguyen Thanh Thien sensei. Nguyen Thanh Thien sensei was former leader for Europe under Iwami soke with Imai soke’s consent but he did not wish to waste too much time with organisational and political activities so he resumed his position. This koryu is spreading strongly through the activity of the Musashi Kenkyukai France.

Musashi Kenkyukai France unites the study groups in France led by Nguyen Thanh Thien sensei’s leading students.

Aikido friends

Kinomichi at the Goryu Dojos, Paris, France. Noro Masamichi sensei created Kinomichi after having been sent by Ueshiba Morihei sensei and Aikikai to be the leader of Aikido in Europe and Africa. His son, Noro Takeharu sensei, is his successor. Ringenkai Aikido originates from Kinomichi.

Cercle Tissier with Tissier sensei, Vincennes, France. I teach in the same town and appreciate Tissier sensei for his gentlemanly attitude. I invited Tissier sensei to a dinner inn 2004 when the Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu masters came to France for their 1rst international workshop.

Byron Bay Aikido Club with Michael Williams sensei, Byron Bay, Australia. Williams sensei and his assistant Elisabeth Andel was most supportive when I entered Yuishinkai Aikido.

Boulder Aikikai with Ikeda Hiroshi sensei, Boulder, Colorado, USA. Ikeda sensei asked me on a tour in the USA to share an hour class with him, me doing last 1/2 hour of Kinomichi, 2008. I met him several times at workshops including the first at a bridge workshop with Tissier sensei who presented me to him.

Aikiweb a forum to read and exchange

Aikido Journal the main ressource for Aiki information

Kenjutsu friends

Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu in Italia with Lorenzo Ricci sensei