Ringenkai 輪元会


  • Rin 輪 wheel
  • Gen 元  eye
  • Kaï 会 school

The School of the Eye of the Wheel

An art is born at the moment the artist gathers he hears or sees something. He then tries to understand what he hears and/or sees. Then he creates a school (yana in Sanskrit for teaching and vehicle) in which to display and put to motion the teaching, whose symbol is the wheel. At this moment, a teaching is born. Once one sets eyes upon the wheel, one shall not forget that prior to the wheel was a sight. Once one builds the walls and the roof a school, fitting the door and the windows, one shall not forget to turn the wheel.

I did not wish to create a school as there are today so many schools that I never felt the urge of going down such path. I had received the teaching of Noro Masamichi sensei who held it in his own time from Ueshiba Morihei sensei. All I needed was to practice every day and teach my students. That was enough… until this year. The 3rd anniversary of Noro Masamichi sensei’s passing away was coming up and I suddenly understood that all I was given would wash away very soon. Already my students did not grasp the special branch of Aikido I was passing over to them. Neither did the public realize how special this branch of transmission was among all the trends of Aikido. I was watering sand. Nothing would grow from my efforts and I would not answer the call of my masters, Noro Masamichi sensei and prior to him Ueshiba Morihei sensei. So I decided on Ringenkai Aikido.

A school is born. With it goes hopes, a path to techniques, a road to principles, a map to our better selves. And most of all, a promise to meet the masters of old, sharing Ikkyo in the manner of Noro Masamichi sensei, treading the trail opened by Ueshiba Morihei sensei.

This school is for all although everyone may not be in correspondance with it. We submit martial qualities to the civilian virtues even though martial spirit is never to be subdued. This path is difficult. In our efforts, we learn to share.

Feel free to join us and together, we will happily explore the michi, path in Japanese, Noro Masamichi sensei trod ahead of us.