Ringenkai Aikido is a Way, a tao in Chinese, a do in Japanese. It requires to set our feet upon it to be able to know it. It requires to set off in order to advance ; one must leave before one arrives. In no way it can be depicted as a system. Ringenkai Aikido bears the image of the wheel which strongly points to the road, the Way. Rin and do, the wheel and the Way, go by two. Please consider it as such if you intend to study our techniques and their meaning.

Rin no Taïso : ways to develop a strong and lean body.

ringenkai_aikido_tab16 kata. Level 1

ringenkai_aikido_tab225 kata. Level 2

ringenkai_aikido_tab433 kata. Level 3

ringenkai_aikido_tab5111 kata. Level 4

Nage no Kata: Koshi Nage and Kokyu Nage. Level 4

400 kata: welcome kata. Level 5

Ki no Kata : Tree kata. Level 5